Why Some People Make Better Implant Candidates

7 September 2017
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A dental implant is a great replacement option if you have a missing tooth. However, this option is not suitable for everyone. Some people make better implant candidates than others. Here are a few reasons why. Dental Implant Restorations Heal Best if Gums are Healthy During the placement of a dental implant, the device is inserted through the gums into the bone of the jaw. In order for the wound to heal properly and quickly, the gum tissue must be healthy. Read More 

Take Care With Your New Veneers: How To Keep Them Looking New

14 August 2017
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If you've got issues with your smile that you wish you could hide, dental veneers may the perfect solution. Veneers can cover a multitude of dental defects including chipped, stained, or even crooked teeth. One benefit of veneers is that they're placed directly over your existing teeth. Once in place, you'll have a beautiful, natural-looking smile. One thing you need to remember is that they're just as susceptible to damage as your natural teeth, which means you'll need to take care of them. Read More 

Bad Breath And Its Causes

24 July 2017
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One of the most embarrassing oral health conditions is halitosis or bad breath. The condition can be chronic, or it may simply occur once in a while. However, regardless of the frequency, most people would prefer to avoid it. Here is some information about bad breath and its causes: What causes bad breath? Bad breath is not always an indication of an illness or disorder. It may be related to several different factors, such as oral bacteria and foods. Read More 

How To Avoid And Remove White Spots On Teeth From Braces

27 June 2017
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If you have braces, you may have heard that white spots can develop on your teeth while you have them. This is true of some people, but it's completely avoidable if you know what to do about it. Whether you already have white spots or just want to avoid getting them, read on to learn more about this problem. What The Spots Are The white spots that are common with orthodontic appliances are actually the beginning of cavities. Read More 

Whitening Your Teeth

9 June 2017
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It is very important to have a nice smile. One of the first physical traits that a person will notice about you is your teeth. If you have beautiful white teeth, then their first impression is going to be a good one. However, yellow teeth can leave a negative first impression. In many cases, yellow teeth occur despite good hygiene. The problem is that some teeth are a little more susceptible to yellowing. Read More